Latest THRILLERESQUE Magazine coming out next month

The new issue of THRILLERESQUE® Magazine will be out soon, so here’s a preview  of select articles:

> Pages 1-16 Click here. This includes the following articles:
    Article 1 – Russia’s Take on Trump
    Article 2 – Inside Nikita Khrushchev’s Secret Bunker
    Article 3 – Stepping Back into Poland’s Communist Past
    Article 4 – Qatar: Inside the Middle East’s Newly Ostracized State 
    Article 5 – Exploring Bangalore, Asia’s Silicon Valley
    Article 6 – Researching Scenes in Helsinki, Finland
> Pages 18-33 coming soon, including the following:
    Brief news section
    Article 7 – The Russian Air Force Museum at Monino 
    SPECIAL REPORT – North Korea: Is War Inevitable?

FINAL - Cover - 1 - Front

About A.C. Frieden

A.C. Frieden is an international author of globetrotting mysteries and thrillers, including the acclaimed Jonathan Brooks series novels TRANQUILITY DENIED, THE SERPENT'S GAME and THE PYONGYANG OPTION. His publishers have announced three upcoming books in the series: LETTER FROM ISTANBUL (May 2021), MIDNIGHT IN DELHI (Dec. 2021) and THE CHICAGO JUROR (May 2022). Frieden is also an attorney, pilot, martial artist, scuba instructor, and former army sniper. He was born in Africa to a Swiss father and a Brazilian mother and lived in India, Switzerland and the UK before moving to the U.S. He has visited over 80 countries, including hotspots like North Korea, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, China, Vietnam, and Ukraine, many of which are settings in his novels. He speaks French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and some Russian, and carries several passports...
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