About A.C. Frieden

A.C. Frieden (André Frieden) writes legal and espionage thrillers, including the acclaimed Jonathan Brooks series (TRANQUILITY DENIED, THE SERPENT’S GAME, and THE PYONGYANG OPTION) by Down & Out Books and Avendia Publishing, and other novels and short mysteries that have appeared in various anthologies and other collections. Frieden is also an attorney, private pilot, PADI scuba instructor, martial artist, equestrian, and former army sniper. He was born in Senegal, raised in India, Brazil, Switzerland, and the UK, and later moved to the United States, where he now lives in Chicago. Frieden takes his book research seriously. You’ll often find him in far-flung hotspots, researching his upcoming novels–like his recent investigative travels in communist strongholds of North Korea and Cuba–or delving into the chaos of the Honduran coup, piloting small planes over the Andes and the Panama Canal, exploring remote underwater sites in the Indian Ocean, surveying the damaged Chernobyl nuclear power plant, following the trails of Che Guevara across Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay, exploring ballistic missile bases in Russia and Ukraine, and much more across nearly 80 countries. He also publishes various non-fiction works, including a recent photography book titled NORTH KOREA: A PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY THROUGH THE HERMIT KINGDOM, which features unique photographs of this reclusive nation taken by Frieden while researching for his latest spy thriller THE PYONGYANG OPTION

Frieden is a member of several literary organizations, including Mystery Writers of America, the Chicago Writers Association, the International Association of Crime Writers (North American Branch), and the Military Writers Society of America, and regularly participates in writers conferences, including Bouchercon and ThrillerFest. Frieden speaks French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and some Russian, and carries several passports. Check out the last info on his official website, Down & Out Books’ author profile, or his Amazon.com profile.


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