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Thrilleresque Magazine is now out – 2017/18 Winter Edition

The latest issue of Thrilleresque® magazine is now out.  Also, try to win prizes with the Spy Quiz on page 37.

Click the links below:
Part I – pages 1-16, including articles on Trump, Russia, Qatar and more
Part II – pages 17-37, including a Special Report on North Korea and the Spy Quiz
Opinion: Special Report DPRK

FINAL - Cover - 1 - Front

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Recent Research in Louisiana and Southern India

Here are two recent press releases about my book research in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Chennai, India.  While New Orleans is already featured in two of my spy novels, so far India has not.  So, after over a dozen trips to India in the last three years, it’s about time I add some scenes from one of its interesting cities.

PR170826A-EN (New Orleans, Louisiana) and PR171111A-EN (Chennai, India)


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Latest THRILLERESQUE Magazine coming out next month

The new issue of THRILLERESQUE® Magazine will be out soon, so here’s a preview  of select articles:

> Pages 1-16 Click here. This includes the following articles:
    Article 1 – Russia’s Take on Trump
    Article 2 – Inside Nikita Khrushchev’s Secret Bunker
    Article 3 – Stepping Back into Poland’s Communist Past
    Article 4 – Qatar: Inside the Middle East’s Newly Ostracized State 
    Article 5 – Exploring Bangalore, Asia’s Silicon Valley
    Article 6 – Researching Scenes in Helsinki, Finland
> Pages 18-33 coming soon, including the following:
    Brief news section
    Article 7 – The Russian Air Force Museum at Monino 
    SPECIAL REPORT – North Korea: Is War Inevitable?

FINAL - Cover - 1 - Front
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Sony hacking sets troubling precedent for publishers and authors

Given that hackers have brought Sony executives to their knees and struck fear into the nation’s largest movie theater chains, are publishers of controversial books and the bookstores that sell them next on the target list? If so, should authors of political non-fiction or even thrillers and mysteries be worried? Should I worry about my forthcoming espionage thriller THE PYONGYANG OPTION, due out in spring? Though my novel does not contain—unlike the Sony movie The Interview—any gory scenes of a nation’s current leader getting his head blown off, it is still set in North Korea and delves into thorny political issues and contains graphic detail of behaviors common in repressive regimes, like torture, secret prison camps, assassinations, defections, mass surveillance and cover ops. Ironically, it also has hacking as a plot element. And as one of the handful of Western authors to have traveled to North Korea, I feel compelled to write about what I saw. So what should authors like me do? Should we invest in better firewalls, purge salacious emails from our archives or otherwise prepare for the potential loss of personal data from our computers and cloud accounts? Or should authors take comfort in the fact that only movies have been targeted (so far). Regardless, the Sony incident sets a potentially troubling precedent for the literary industry. Your thoughts?


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A.C. Frieden Speaks at KGB Bar in NYC

Join A.C. Frieden and five other top crime fiction authors for a “Night of Crime” reading/signing event at KGB Bar in Manhattan, New York.

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The Serpent’s Game is getting great reviews

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“International espionage collides with the Katrina-ravaged streets of New Orleans–an intelligent and intriguing spy thriller that chases secrets across the globe.”
–Crimespree Magazine

Frieden keeps the suspense high and the twists coming in this gritty, complex and satisfying thriller.”
–Jamie Freveletti, author of Robert Ludlum’s The Janus Reprisal

“Once again, Frieden has delivered a top-notch thriller with an international flair.”
–Marc Paoletti, author of Scorch

“[S]ome of the best writing about the early hours of Katrina that you are likely to come across. In fact, all Frieden’s scenes…are totally convincing.”
–M.K. Turner, BookReview.com

“Are you a fan of Robert Ludlum or Daniel Silva spy thrillers? If you are, this book will leave your synapses crackling and hungering for more.”
–Ditter Kellen, author of Ember Burns

Get your copy today!
Amazon (Kindle and paperback): http://amzn.com/B00H5Y0ICO
Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-serpents-game-a-c-frieden/1109797651?ean=2940148962359

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